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  • P3rf3ctNBetw33n

    Today the AC3 Animus Trailer was officially released by Ubisoft (check out the link for the video) and I noticed some pretty interesting stuff - namely the personas and, what I think maybe, the new "Dare" system with game modes being listed.


    In particular the customisation options; at least one of the customisation options for each characters (at least, what I could see from the Black Bird, the Night Stalker and the Lady Maverick) take inspiration from the Revelations multiplayer personas. I have posted pictures of their designs (apologies for the poor quality, I was using my phone. Eventually someone will screenshot them).

    • The Black Bird: takes the basic cape design from the Sentinel (…
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  • P3rf3ctNBetw33n

    ACR Beta Challenges

    September 8, 2011 by P3rf3ctNBetw33n

    So I was trolling through the challenges on the ACR beta and noticed some stuff.

    Firstly, challenges that applied to abilities outside of the ACR beta, indicating their return in the full game.

    • Charge
    • Mute
    • Hidden Gun (sorry for those people who hate the Gun...)
    • Templar Vision (back to repeatedly punching Christmas trees...)

    I also noticed a reference to an ability called "Teleport". I'm kind of skeptical about this ability because people already "teleport" when there's lag, so I guess we'll find out what kind of "Teleport" we're gonna be in for when the full game ships out.

    New Abilities:

    • Closure
    • Tripwire Bomb
    • Teleport(?)

    Secondly, there were challenges in regards to game modes that weren't in the beta either. So I'm guessing those game modes will al…

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