Artifact Assault is one of the multiplayer modes in Assassin's Creed: Revelations . It is based on the popular multiplayer mode Capture the Flag.

In this 10 minutes game mode, the player must enter the territory of their enemies and capture their flag, before returning to their own camp to drop it off and protect it. Artifact Assault can be played in teams of three or four. The map the mode is played on is divided into two parts by a line that appears red when a player is about to enter enemy territory and appears white when the player is about to cross into his own territory. Players in their own territory are hunters, with the ability to kill,however, when players are in their enemy's territory, they become targets and can only stun.While in game, points are shown individually as well as the number of flags stolen and at the top of the screen we have a timer a legend that shows how many flags each team has acquired.


When you are camping your flag you can notice a circular area around it and 4 white vertical “strings” that will disappear if the enemy enters the circular area to steal the flag. I guess that this could give a hint of their presence if they are using a disguise.

When you’re protecting your flag and are in its proximity your compass will become desynchronized and as soon as you move away from the area and towards the red line the compass will start working again .


The flag is apparently an artifact located in the enemy territory at the center of a circular area , surrounded by what it looks like 4 red strings. The fact that a player is able to view the red string is a hint that the flag has not yet been stolen and will be at the center of the circular area.

To steal the flag a player will have to walk into the circular area for a couple seconds. The flag can be stolen even just by crossing the circular perimeter and not necessarily by standing right next to it.

The enemy flag is usually red and once a player drops it in the designed area it will become white and team mates should take turns in protecting it while other team mates try to steal the enemy flag again.

Once you steal the red flag from enemy territory you will have to run back to your territory and drop the flag you have stolen, which will become white, in the “drop here” area without being killed.

Every time you are in posses of the flag and you get killed the artifact will re spawn in the same red area in the enemy territory.

If one of your team mates steals the artifact from the enemy you are notified of it by a “escort” tag on top of the players head.

You’ll be notified if the enemy has stolen your artifact and if your artifact is back at base.

You’ll be able to see which player stole the flag from the enemy because an “escort” tag will show above their head.

It looks like you can set up booby traps around the flag with a specific type of bomb which cooldown time is 90 seconds :/


As of right now we know that we can still use disguise, firecrackers and throwing knives.


Hidden +300

Silent +200

Variety +200

Greater Variety +400

Diversion +50

Discreet +100

Chain + 50

Stun +200


Assisting + 50

Stealing artifact + 50 points

Reckless +50points ( obtained for example with a drop ledge kill)

Recovery + 100 points (for killing an enemy who had the flag)

Artifact score +1000 (stealing and dropping the flag in the right area)

Out of sight excape + 150 (for excaping a target by breaking the line of sight while the chase meter is yellow)


Challenges shown at the bottom right corner

The highway man –score with an artifact

The eradicator-kill the target holding the artifact

The gatekeeper-use a chase breaker to escape

The Elite templar-challenge complete

The Unseen -earn a hidden kill bonus

The versatile - earn a variety bonus


With Artifact Assault we see the introduction of Session Accolades and a Hall Of Fame that shows some player accomplishments such as:

The untouchable –you were never killed

The slayer- you performed the most kills

The champion-you had the highest score


Session score

Accolades bonus

- at the end of the game a player will be able to see how many accolades he has collected up to that point ,as of right now we only know that there are al least 14 collectible accolades.

Challenge bonus

-for completing a challenges,legends will also shows the progress of that specific challenge.

XP boost bonus

-A blue meter that fills up to the right and tells you how closer you are to the next level


We also see the introduction of abstergo credits that can be used to unlock items.


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