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I'll kiss you if you can make sense of this


So I'm playing a game of Wanted on Siena. All game, pretty normal. The other team sucks something fierce so I'm just chilling in a hay bale. Well at the last 4 seconds I got killed so I was a little rattled, but get this. It was the end of round one, and we started ROUND ONE again. I went rushing out with my Firecrackers and Charge, and I'm not seeing any compass.

After a few seconds I realize that somehow I'm replaying the first round, with the score intact, the K/D intact, and so far, nothing else out of place. That is until, when we finally DO get to the second round, one person is absolutely un-hittable, smoke always conveniently pluming out and them dodging when I attack. EVEN INCOGNITO. So I think "WTF", and then suddenly, an unmarked team-mate is killing people, it says "Another Templar killed your target" as though I was playing Wanted.

And in between loading screens it only showed 5 of the 8 people in the lobby. (e.g. Two people hunting/Three People being hunted) So what started out as a normal game that ended the first round 10,000 to 1,000, shenanigans strike! At first I was only flustered about the last second kill, and how I couldn't get out of the hay bale in time, when any other time, the character won't stay in it. Then I'm met with one of three possibilities:

  • Hacks/Cheats of some kind/Lag Switch
  • Poor Connection resulting in horrible game mechanics that make less than no sense.
  • The Matrix. (As suggested by a fellow team-mate)


What say you?

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