This is obviously not for the pros, but for anybody new to the Assassin's Creed multiplayer gameplay, this is for you. I decided to write this after seeing so many people struggle with how to play best. Some of these tips are meant for Manhunt. It's obvious to tell which ones they are.

  • UPDATE 1/14/11 to Miscellaneous
  • UPDATE 1/16/11 to Miscellaneous
  • UPDATE 1/16/11 to Hiding


Now obviously, stalking your target is a very important part of offense, but not many people, even seasoned players, truly understand stalking. We're all guilty of making novice mistakes in the heat of the moment, so here are some tips to help you get through it.

  • The kill won't count for anything if you rush it. You have plenty of time (usually), and if they're not moving, all the better. If you think they're going to pull a smoke bomb or something, you can do a last second sprint to get a Silent bonus, but sprinting a football field to your target won't help your score. (*Or your team's score)
  • Fast Walk is a way to close the gap to your target silently, it is not a way to approach them. Anybody who's had a little practice will be able to tell the difference between normal walking and fast walking, so if you try to get the kill by walking like you're constipated, you'll (typically) find yourself on the receiving end of a smoke'n'stun.
  • Never underestimate a target. The rank they have is little more than a number, and everybody has good and bad games. Remember that anything could happen, and to expect the unexpected.
  • Your team-mates are very vital to your success. Remember you're not playing for yourself. Do what's best for the TEAM. You will get more points that way. Lock somebody you know or think is a target, and if you're team-mate is closer, let them get the kill. You will catch your opponents off-guard this way.
  • Continuing with the previous tip, refrain from sprinting through Chase Breakers. They can potentially cut you off from your team, and bad things can happen when you're all alone against the enemy team.
  • When you're just about to get your kill, make sure to LOCK-ON to your target, and make sure it is the correct target. Take the time to get the right one, or you'll get burned for sure.
  • Multiplayer may have more than one person, but it's practically the same as single player. You want to use the crowd for your approach. Pick your crowds wisely, as some will lead you in the wrong direction, and some may not camoflauge your approach very well. (You know, the ones that don't have the character that you are)
  • Finally, when approaching a crowd of enemies, make sure to have your team with you, as you won't be able to kill them all. COMMUNICATE!


Hiding is the other side of Multiplayer. It's a very useful thing to know how to hide, and elude your predator, in many more ways than one might think.

  • When hiding, most people use Morph to disguise the crowd around them, as them. While this is definitely the #1 way to confuse your enemy, it's easily gotten around with Templar Vision, Charge, Firecrackers, Morph, and in some cases, plain old luck.
  • When hiding with team-mates, avoid hiding in the SAME crowd. It makes killing you a lot easier. If you do hide in the same area, spread around. An area that is filled with 3 or 4 different crowds of Harlequins is much harder to sift through than one small group hanging out together.
  • Know when and when not to blow your cover. You may come very close to your hunter and they could be none the wiser. As the Ubisoft tips will tell you, STUN is not a reliable counter. This doesn't mean it's useless. It means don't chase somebody, even just a few steps, for a stun. If they mess up, you're off the hook in most cases. You could get away with a stun here, but if you're playing a team-game, his team-mate could be watching from a distance, and that typically doesn't end well for you.
  • Don't try to get a cheeky double stun on the same person. There's literally a 1% chance of this working out for you, and not to mention, when you fail, you seem like an even bigger douchebag than if you would have gotten it.
  • If you see most of the enemy team coming your way, making the consious decision to either hold your ground, or bolt for a new hiding spot can be one of the toughest choices ever. If you do decide to cut your losses and scramble, make sure you can widen the gap between you and them, or else you're leaving it up to your free-running skills, your ability to dodge throwing knives and bullets, and luck.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • In team games, being locked on to a target when they get killed by a team-mate gives you a nice point bonus. Besides that, the lock-on gives your team-mates a beacon as to who they're supposed to kill. Remember to communicate with your team-mates, and if you're locking onto a Probable or the wrong person, tell them so they don't kill the wrong person.
  • If you are playing ManHunt, and you see somebody is poisoned, don't be an ass and take the kill. That's a 600 point kill that you're trading off.
  • As said earlier, you will only get a puny 100-150 points if you sprint everywhere and just kill them like that, not to mention you're making yourself painfully obvious and now they know who they have to watch.
  • Always be patient. Sometimes if you're patient enough, your target will come to to you.
  • Multiplayer will often give you a difficult choice between A or B. You'll run into them in every game you play, but think with wisdom, not with the kill in mind. That is to say, if you make the play by either trying to hurry the kill, or being impatient and sloppy, your target could stun you, escape you, or if playing Wanted, you could expose yourself to your hunter in the midst of it all.
  • AI do not go through chasebreakers. Walking or otherwise. So if you see somebody going through a chase-breaker door, be willing to put money on them being human.

In closing, when you're playing with team-mates, don't be a d*ck and run around making things obvious and getting worthless kills. It makes the team suffer because you're taking all the kills for just 100-150 points a kill, when you could be getting 600, 750 and 1250 point kills if you just took a second to do it right.

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