• One800MyGrits

    This is obviously not for the pros, but for anybody new to the Assassin's Creed multiplayer gameplay, this is for you. I decided to write this after seeing so many people struggle with how to play best. Some of these tips are meant for Manhunt. It's obvious to tell which ones they are.

    • UPDATE 1/14/11 to Miscellaneous
    • UPDATE 1/16/11 to Miscellaneous
    • UPDATE 1/16/11 to Hiding

    Now obviously, stalking your target is a very important part of offense, but not many people, even seasoned players, truly understand stalking. We're all guilty of making novice mistakes in the heat of the moment, so here are some tips to help you get through it.

    • The kill won't count for anything if you rush it. You have plenty of time (usually), and if they're not moving, al…

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  • One800MyGrits

    Starting out from the Villa-side spawn, I run left and follow the wall all around. I have gotten Untouchable on multiple occasions because of it. It's amazing that nobody thinks to check the walls, or at least sees me. It makes for a pretty boring 5 mintues, but it's somehow worth it to me.

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  • One800MyGrits


    So I'm playing a game of Wanted on Siena. All game, pretty normal. The other team sucks something fierce so I'm just chilling in a hay bale. Well at the last 4 seconds I got killed so I was a little rattled, but get this. It was the end of round one, and we started ROUND ONE again. I went rushing out with my Firecrackers and Charge, and I'm not seeing any compass.

    After a few seconds I realize that somehow I'm replaying the first round, with the score intact, the K/D intact, and so far, nothing else out of place. That is until, when we finally DO get to the second round, one person is absolutely un-hittable, smoke always conveniently pluming out and them dodging when I attack. EVEN INCOGNITO. So I think "WTF", and then suddenly, an unmarke…

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