I recently got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I played Single Player most of the time, but even more recently I started playing Multiplayer. I am level 14 so far, but I decided to make a blog post about it's pros and cons...

Be aware, this is only like my second blog post in my entire life, I'm new to blogging, so it's probably not that good

Be aware, this only applies to the North American PS3 Version.


  • Clipping and such are good, I never experienced a single issue while in other games I encounter them all the time.
  • No lag, it's like non - existent, but then my house is like hotspot, and a Wi - Fi area.
  • Few ' Talkers ', I rarely see a talker. For those who don't know what a talker is, a talker is a person who gets a headset, or bluetooth, and talks about anything, their life, the politics... And sometimes, one will play horrible music, or set the sound editor thing to real high or low. And rarely, very very rarely, they'll play videos, all I'll say is that these videos are innapropriate.


  • Joining a lobby, it's the worst lobby system I've seen, I don't mean the game modes, I mean to join a lobby, it takes some time, and you can't choose your game mode.
  • Lag switchers, they are uncommon / semi - rare, but they're there, and I know it's not lag because there is a difference.
  • Jump assassinations, when you run after someone, and you do a jump assassination ( Not aerial assassination ), you can get them automatically like 3 meters ( about 9 - 10 feet ) away, no resistance.
  • Assassinations, when you assassinate, no resistance, there should be some form to resist, but it would be like a split second and a random button, that is either Square, Triangle, Circle, X, and Directional Pad, and the PC and 360 Equivalent.
  • Lobby Management, it's horrible, you can be stuck in a 5/6 game or 2/6, because the game's lobby manage doesn't put lobby's with more people on the front of the list, instead the list is first come first serve.

Please discuss, I may add more pros / cons if people want.

Nuchiha101 02:39, January 7, 2011 (UTC)

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