Hey guys,

This is just a brief blog posting to let you all know that Wikia is having a vote on the best wikis of 2011. Some good wikis are towards the top of the voting, but, because our wiki is the most awesome, I nominated our wiki for this voting. Currently, while writing this blog, we are situated at #37 on this vote, after some users on the IRC voted for us.

I'm not demanding you vote for our wiki or anything, I'm merely stating that if you enjoy this wiki as much as myself and some of the others do who have already voted, please consider voting for us. Voting for us would not do anything bad or have some personal gain for myself or anyone else; rather, it would promote our wiki as a whole and bring us some new editors and readers, which is never really a bad thing.

Here is a link to the voting.

That's it for this brief post, enjoy your holidays everyone and spend some time with your family :P,

Nostalgia AC Let's talk. 19:34, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

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