While on the IRC earlier, myself and a bunch of other users were discussing ACIII, which lead me to speculate about its release date. ACIII has been in development for years, and so I'm calling it right now, the ACIII release date will be November 13, 2012.

A release in 2012 would add a great effect and improve sales since it is, well, the current year in Modern Times throughout the AC series. I think Ubisoft will realize this as well, and most likely release it sometime in 2012 as Sima and I both agreed.

I got the November 13th date from the classic AC release date of the second Tuesday in November. It's just speculation, but seeing an ACIII 2012 release would be very interesting and lucrative for Ubisoft.

But now, I want to know your thoughts in the comments, what do you think about an ACIII November 2012 release or a release date anytime in 2012? Remember, all of this is just speculation from facts I know, none of this has been confirmed yet.

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