Okay. I'm a few years late but I just would like to make this review on Assassin's Creed II. My favorite game on my shelf in my oppinion with the others not far off. To the review!

The Gameplay

Now the gameplay has it's flaws, but it's great. The game puts you in the control of stab happy, womanizer, Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Renaissance, Italy. This game will always keep you in with it's gadgets. Unlike the first game you get loads of new weapons and gadgets. The first game had free-running but now, Ubisoft have taken it to a new level. You can go in assassin tombs and use your free-running to get to some treasure called assassin seals which unlock special armor. Shit, I should have mentioned economy. Now you can by goods such as weaponry , armor, mdicine, and ammunition from certain shops in several cities. You can change your appearance by dying your clothing in Tailors. I enjoyed wearing black like Batman. You can upgrade the broken town Monteriggoni using your money, but get more every 20 minutes. If you renovate the town enough, you could be fucking rich! Combat relies a little to much counter attacks. Combat doesn't flow the best but it is still easy to get used to and you will enjoy hacking and slashing. Ubi added some new mechanics in combat like disarming a guard's weapon and easily escaping a fight instead of tuning of that annoying lock-on feature. I also found some of the same counter animations from the first game.

Now to the weapons. Now you get two hidden blades, a good old sword, a short blade, throwing knife, a hidden gun, poison, and smoke bombs. Sadly you can't rubb a smoke bomb in a guards face or throw it in their mouth. Just kidding. All these wweapons help real well. I especially used smoke bombs to make the guards cough to the ground while i walk to them and stab the fuckers. It's fun.

You have to kill assassination targets in the cities, Venice, Tuscany, Forli, and my favorite, Florence. Now you can hide amongst crowds of people, sneak to your target, and kill your target. Or you could go in and fight with your target. Things get fun after! You could have a whole fucking heap of guards chasing you! It's great. Now you can hire mercenaries, thieves, and courtesans to lure away, distract, or fight guards.

The gameplay is overall very fun and you will love it!


The story is great. I'm not saying to much, but it's great. You be Ezio who is just a normal Italian teenager, but after the capture and deaths of a few of his relatives, you get your revenge on those who are responsible for your relatives deaths over the coarse of 23 years. I am not revealing more. Read here for more.

Best Momment

My best momment in the game is when you go to Rome to assassinate Rodrigo Borgia. You get to kill loads of guards and face, Rodrigo. Sadly the first time I fought him, I crushed his biscuits but the next time he didn't react as much.

Closing Comments

Assassin's Creed II has flaws but is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good. It's a great game. For all those who haven't tried it, try it! From me it's 10/10.

Nightmarizard Happy Place 07:33, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

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