We all are really tired of ezio even if he is prett sweet, we can't do anything about Altair since the animus can't track a subject's memories after conception. Guns wouldn't harm the series, but i think they should revamp the entire series with desmond's game more like splinter cell butstill with free running elements. after ACII i guessed with my friends that they would have multiplayer and more guns in the next one, i evidently was right. i think they should, if they want to, make a american conspiracy game with multiple assassins who led to desmond

my first idea is a civil war era with 2 brothers raised on both sides. its gives an oppurtunity to go through a unbias view of the events going on back then. the final mission would probabely be the failed protection of abraham lincoln.

next would probabely be a wwI and II veteran who goes to differnet areas in the world. it would be more focused on extreme stealth. the final missions would be the poisoning of the templars Roosevelt and Hitler.

finally u would have the 60s and the protection of kennedy and important figures such as king. it would be more focused on infiltration and protection

these are just brainstorming ive come up with. see if u can improve on this or come up with ur own

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