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  • Ner057

    We'll kick it off right where we left off with desomnd. ur still looking for temples but to locate the temples u have to use different memories of previous ancestors to ocate them. u have a city and u use the animus to locate the nearest assassin or ancestor memory of that place that is at least connected to u genelogically speaking. U go through the memory sequence and then u explore the modern city yourself. gaining allies and doing missions to ultimately succefully capture a piece of eden. my ideas r all the diff. cities and time periods people wnaed. Paris, france with the french revolution. Japan during times of samurai and ninja. London during the Victorian time period. and America for witha specified ancestor of Desmond's father dur…

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  • Ner057

    I was thinking that the way they could explore the renaiscance more is have DLC but not with ezio; but with his apprentice or partial apprentice Franceso Vecellio and his group of assassins. we could go a little further or back but still within Ezio's time. From what I've read of him, his story is very intresting and i would like it a lot if they created DLC for him but with a multiplayer for campaign so you need friends at times to help you. then they could have more multiplayer characters with his targets. you could also finish off some of the rest of the templar aganets Ezio didn't take care of.

    I also think that with the French symbols appearing, Desmond needs to go to various cities around the world and sync with the assassin's that r…

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  • Ner057

    We all are really tired of ezio even if he is prett sweet, we can't do anything about Altair since the animus can't track a subject's memories after conception. Guns wouldn't harm the series, but i think they should revamp the entire series with desmond's game more like splinter cell butstill with free running elements. after ACII i guessed with my friends that they would have multiplayer and more guns in the next one, i evidently was right. i think they should, if they want to, make a american conspiracy game with multiple assassins who led to desmond

    my first idea is a civil war era with 2 brothers raised on both sides. its gives an oppurtunity to go through a unbias view of the events going on back then. the final mission would probabely…

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