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  • Nentendoboy

    that music...

    May 28, 2012 by Nentendoboy

    i dont know what ity is about that musical cue that plays through out revalations, so sad as if its the end of an era yet so badass at the same time i often find myself trying to remix it into a more action sequenced theme but it just messes it up, my first playthrough revalations was my least favorite mostly cause, at the time the plot didn't make much sense and a lot of what i could understand seemed stupid but on my second try the message really hit home and that musical cue just stuck in my head and left the greatest impression, one of the reasons why ubisoft is and always will be my favorite developer

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  • Nentendoboy

    ironic, no?

    April 9, 2012 by Nentendoboy

    i kid you not i was born on december 21, not only a date feard by myans and egyptions and other as the begining of the end;but there vary date that in the game this wiki is centerd around. I am well awear that by the myan calander we shoud have died months ago due to it not recognizing leap years, but at any rate its one of the things that drawn me into this game

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