I have gathered several questions from the community about AC3 and I thought this would make an interesting blog so I am going to list the questions, so tell me what you think and it would be a lot easier to list which question you are talking about so I can reply easily. There are twelve questions.

Question # 1- Do you think it will be difficult during combat if all the Redcoats have muskets?

Question # 2- Do you think that you will be/take place in large battles in the frontier?

Question # 3- Do you think dual-wield weapons will overpower Connor making him difficult to control?

Question # 4- AC3 introduces hunting do you think this will benefit the game or the opposite?

Question # 5- Since no shops have been revealed do you think they will still be included in game?

Question # 6- So far do you like the Character of Connor?

Question # 7- Do you think horses should be included in the game and be usable in cities like Brotherhood?

Question # 8- Do you think Ubisoft should include extra missions like Desmond's Journey?

Question # 9- Do you think it would be cool to command a battle between the British and the Colonists?

Question # 10- Do you think it would nice if you could craft weapons and armor in AC3?

Question # 11- Do you like that AC3 will be more focused on offense than defense?

Question # 12- Do you think the addition of seasonal change will make AC3 more fun?

Those are all of the questions I will try to make a new blog with more questions that I find on the internet.

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