In the year of 1873, summer, Taal, Philippines. A group of Spanish Templars attack a small community in the near shore of Taal Lake. The people who are living are mem bers of the creed, whose purpose is to stop the Spanish Templars. They fight them without a doubt but they failed to defend the village. Almost all the  members of the family died and the known leader of the village was beheaded. His head was being posted in a fence.The  tem plars make sure that there is no sole survivor of the massacre. However, one Spanish templar who is a heart-warming and God-believer save and hide a child from the crew. Even though it was against their creed, he takes the child with him. 

19 years later, the child was a talented Illustrado (Spanish-Filipino) who studied at Madrid, Spain. One sudden moment, a group of Spanish students bullied a half Filipino and half Spanish man. He saves him and takes a fight with them. He then asked the young man he saves, if he is alright. For the given help, the young man introduce him to the Propaganda movement named La Liga Filipina founded by Jose Rizal. He and Rizal becomes friends but for two months. On the 6th of July 1892, he found out that Jose Rizal was being captive as prisoner in the Philippines. Because he deeply respect and care his bestfriend, he decided to help him out. Thus, he ask some help from his other friends but no one wanted to give a hand. He felt disappointed and he moved quickly in the Philippines together with the man he saved. But they are lack of funds to go to that country.

Several months later, he and his friend encounters Ferdinand Blumentritt. He is one of friends of Rizal. He told them that Rizal was in the Dapitan. He was too desperate to do something to help his friend. He asked some help from Ferdinand and he decided to tell him something. JOIN THE ASSASSIN. It was the only way to save Rizal. The Spanish Templars were being angry with Rizal's books. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He asked where can he find it. Thus, Ferdinand told him that the creed can be found in the Rome, Italy.

One year have passed, and the man become an assassin. He moved in the Philippines and searched for the Creed known as Katipunan. It was secret Assassin's Creed Association founded by Andres Bonifacio . The two seems become friends due to their same preference and ideology about the country. Then he told him that Jose Rizal is still alive and keep fighting by writing for justice. Then for the secret service, the young man accepts every mission that he could help. 

<To be continued>

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