I saw another post on this, but many people seemed to jump to conclusions. I will ask...

Is a real-life version of the Animus possible, more or less complex than the in-game version. Give reasoning for your opinion. "It won't work." is an opinion, but it doesn't back up your opinion and doesn't show what you really think about the possibility.

A real-life version of the Animus could be possible. Most of the brain is simply used for storage and it is possible that if a brain is preserved after death that it could be accessed in order to (in code or otherwise) show what exactly was recorded in the brain, whether if it was audio, video, feeling or otherwise. I do not think it would be as simple as reading DNA from anywhere, but perhaps implanted nodes in the preserved brain of an ancestor could allow us to connect the electrical pulses from the ancestors brain to a computer that could then be transmitted to a machine (the Animus) to allow for the "re-living" of the events in the preserved brain.

If nodes were attatched to both the preserved brain of the ancestor, and the living brain of then perhaps the DNA that was passed on could be the catalyst for the memories to be picked up in the first place. I am uncertain if such a thing would be possible with the more ancient ancestors as their brain would be long decomposed and you would be lucky to find any DNA on the body if there is much of it left.

The brain has been referred to by those who study it as a memory database. If we could somehow read it like a hard drive, we could uncover things that we would never imagine possible. The Animus might just allow anyone to become anyone and live through the events of anyones ancestor. The only reason the Animus would really be there would be for someone to see, feel, and hear the events in real time. Rather than sifting through the data that the brain would bring in... that would overload any computer up to 50 years from now. The data streams could go through into the Animus machine and entrace the person in a dream of the life of said ancestor.

Dreams of ours have feeling, hearing, and seeing. If we could use the brain to tap into memory in the same format, it would show the user (or the world) what happened, and if you live through enough, then you would see why as well.

What are your thoughts on such a possibility? Do you think it is possible... Why? or why not?

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