YOU, an abstergo recruit in the industries are seeing Dr. Warren Vidic to discuss your future in this Job. "Are yes _______ you have a bright future in our Industries and are happy to be with you today. Your job is to test our newest version of the animus, explore the memories of a variety of different templars to become the ultimate Templar and go on our extreme mission, but you will have to complete your training first to go on the mission.Now I will hand you over to my assistant, Lucy Stillman she will explain the rest of the facility and its components"

First of all we have the cafe here Abstergo recruits and managers alike sit here to enjoy breakfast,lunch and dinner and can also social and chat here too, next we have the Medical room here our finest Doctors help those recruits suffering with the bleeding affect and other animus diseases even the master Templars come to get upgrades to improve their skills. The next area is the engineering and Techonology space many of the engineers work here to make and improve animi, manufacture guns and weapons and build all of the other stuff abstergo produces this is the place that the first animus was made.Our last and best area is the animi network, this is where you and many other Templars will train until till you reach the rank of master Templar I think I should leave you to get to work, Bye"

(then for the first time you enter the animus and met your first Templar ancestor)

Sequence 1: The Assassins Order

MEMORY 1: Explore the memories of the Templar Ancestor, Tajo Hadrima-Ahad.

1175, Masyaf Village, Tajo Hadrima-Ahad.The village was currently under a Templar-Crusader attack, Tajo is looking for any help to stop these Crusaders. Tajo: "Altair!! Where are the rest of the village men and women" Altair:"They're being taken out of the Village by the Crusaders, As our mentor says Innocents should not be harmed by our mistakes" Tajo: "Yes your right Altair,We need to save them... Look! there's a quicker route,follow me!!!"

Objective: Climb through the Village to reach the Villagers and save them.

(You manage to follow the path and reach where the Crusaders are leaving)

Objective: The Crusaders have caused enough trouble, KILL THEM!!!.

(You have killed the Crusaders nd saved the Village from another Templar Attack)

Memory 1 Complete

MEMORY 2: It has Been many years after the attack and Tajo has grown,Explore His Memories

1190,Masyaf Castle,Tajo Hadrima-Ahad.It has been 15 years and Tajo and altair have improve on their assassin skills alot, Altair and Tajo are having a fight to see who is the best after the years of training

(Tajo tries to strike Altair with a deadly strike but Altair easily dodges it) Altair:" Come on Tajo, Were you listening to birds when we were trained,you are an assassin and assassins dont lose to anything" Tajo:" Your right again altair, Lets bring the fight up a notch"

Objective: Defeat Altair without losing yourself

(after a long fight and a bloody battle Tajo finally defeats Altair but Tajo is still in rage and starts to choke him) Altair:"STOP...STO...ST...." Malik:STOP Tajo NOW!!! Tajo: Fine, I'm going to the mentor"

Memory 2 Complete

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