I had a hunch that Ubisoft was setting their fans on a wild goose chase, but I fully realized this after reading an informative article about assassins creed 5. So aside from all the loctions mentioned by Ubisoft. I have a great feeling that the next game could be in the Roman Republic in 73 to 71 BCE like Spartucus. The second and my last location could be in during the 13th century struggle for the power of throne in England. Like the other past locations they were actually popular in media but not noticed by average people reading the history of a certain time period. Assassins Creed 1 could have been influenced by the media coming up with the stories crusades in 11th century in a movie. Sudden spark of interest by the people that work in media which are storyboards and writers. This is what dictates the location for a sequel for Assasssins Creed, there is a pattern. Assassins Creed 2 there was Leonardo Da vinci's time period which thought up by the writers and storyboard workers of other companies following an example of the real geniuses. The main idea is how popular the location is and how not well known in pop culture. I got these ideas from watching Da Vinci's Demons and The White Queen.

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