• Matthew Gonsalves

    The majority of my friends have agreed that they all just want to see Desmond put on the F#%*&$ HOOD ALREADY! hes had the hood since the first game and never put it over his head, and thats been bugging some people.

    But what do you guys want to see? do you want more animus gameplay? or do you want to play in the present as Desmond? Do you want Desmond to have a better hair cut? (i do) or do you hope that you can play in the first civilization as Adam? (that would be sweet)

    And on a side note my frinds have also been speculating that the assassins are a pre aluminaughty (spelled wrong) and some others suggest that the assassins are related to the freemaysons (probobly spelled that wrong too) because the assassin's symbol apears similer. (SO M…

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  • Matthew Gonsalves

    There is a minor problem with the Assassin's Creed timeline.

    In the first game of assassin's creed the master assassin, (whos name i will not even atempt at spelling) said that a young carpenter's son used the apple of eden to turn water into wine. (stating that he was a fake.) i don't to sound insensitive or anything, but i think the timeline should include this fact.

    it sort of adds to the story when you know that the apple of eden was how people gained so many followers. like the passed pressidents, and the church.

    I also just want to clearly say i'm not saying Jesus was a false prophet. i'm just saying it's a part of the story and has a right to be added on the wiki site.

    What do you think?

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