• I live in the shadows. No, not really.
  • My occupation is working as a professional photographer, if you really must know.
  • I am an imperceptible enigma...
  • MasterKenway

    Hello. Master Kenway here.

    First, I'd like to thank everyone for helping me become a socially responisble contributor to the wiki. Your guidance and patience (especially that of the admins) was most welcomed as I started to come here more and more often. 

    But enough of that. I have a question for all of you. 

    I was looking for a good way to waste time on the internet yesterday. Naturally, meme-searching was high on the list. In my search, I found several nuggets of wisdom hidden away in those memes; invaluable lessons that have been taught to us by Ubisoft. (Things like: You can kill as many guards as you want. Just rip down three posters for your arrest, and everyone forgets about the killings.) Fun stuff like that. 

    So, it begs the question.…

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  • MasterKenway

    Templar Companies

    December 3, 2013 by MasterKenway

    They're everywhere, those Templars. And like it or not, we've all been suckered into buying at least one of their products. So, what's the most important thing you ever bought from a company that is controlled by the Templars? This could be a car, a computer, furniture, electronics, a toilet seat, anything. 

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