Hey guys,

if you like Assassin's Creed, and you kinda like reading too (beach =>too hot, no wind for sailing, no waves for surfing) yeah, in that case I read, you gotta read this book : The Medici Seal (Theresa Breslin), it's amazing, it's in the same time as Brotherhood ca.1500, it's a boy who tells you (Matteo) the book starts when it's already finished if you know what I mean, so he gets chased by some sick psychopat, get throwed in the river (Rome) and gets saved by Leonardo Da Vinci and he's company, so from a poor street kid to Leonardo Da Vinci's student, he travels in Italy but the crewl Cesare Borgia is ruling and killing everybody, so he has to escape from the Borgia's, defeat them, and restore peace in the Italy.

Crazy cool book!

A must if you like reading and AC!


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