• Mark4518

    you see cooper clan but.1 cooper it assassins make it dlc name assassin cooper in Thieves in Time

    Playing through the Assassin's Creed series of games, I've realized some big similarities to the Sly Raccoon games.

    1. The basic concept of the games: running around on rooftops in wide open areas, utilizing oddly convenient climbing paths, assassinating people and stealing from them in assorted cities, where you're driven by plot
    2. Sly and Ezio both have their own Brawn (Murray/Bartolomeo) and Brain (Bentley/Leonardo)...
    3. well as thief/eagle senses
    4. The main character is a member of an ancient family of thieves/assassins
    5. Plot hooks include hunting down your family's murderers...
    6. ...collecting pieces of a book/codex and learning stuff from them...
    7. ...t…
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