Hello Community.

I am here to share my ideas with you all to go directly to Ubisoft.

Games for less-known people

First of all, I was thinking that the less known people like Aquilus and Nikolai Andreievich Orelov could have their own video game participating in the AC game trilogy.



ACE-Aquilus Render


Making another game for Connor Kenway

Furthermore, I was wishing for Connor to get his own new game again. Here is the scale, in my opinion, of how much the assassins have been in the WHOLE thing.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze= Over the limit

Nikolia Orelov= OOO 30% (Maybe 2 more games...?)

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad= OOOOOOOO 80%

Aquilus= O 10% (Make this guy have a game, Ubi.)

Connor Kenway= OOO 30% (He only made a cameo in the Aveline exclusive for AC4, so AC4 won't count in this one.)

AC film

I am also requesting a film for Altair featuring  the 12th century characters in Revelations. When I mean these I mean the ones that appeared in Altair's Masyaf keys in Revelations. For example:

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