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Hello everybody. Today you may have known that Freedom Cry and Embers have....sort of linked us into ACV. But in what way? 


In Freedom Cry, near the very end, a madame called Bastienne has been given a familiar and recognizable box by Ade. But in one way, how does it link the ACV's location?

The box was both shown at the end at Freedom Cry and Embers. in Embers, Shao Jun, an assassin, is wishing to re-build her order. At the end, Ezio gives her a box....however, what would be in that box? We know that at the end Ezio said 'Use this if you lose your way' or somethin' like that. This could possibly link to the Masyaf Keys to help her re-build her order, so it's a possibility that in the box there are masyaf keys.

In Freedom Cry, Ade gave Bas a familiar box that looked like the one in Embers. Bas asked Ade if he was sure it won't fall into Templar hands. We know that the Templars are also after Altair's libary.

Both scenes has a big similarity of how it might link into ACV. Some are saying that it will take place in Asia starring Shao Jun. Maybe it could possibly be around 16th-17th century.

So guys, that was the end of this blog post. Do you like my point here? Is there something I need to go into more detail? Tell me in the comment section below!

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