With Revelations only a few months away, I decided to revisit the first game just for fun and to finally get those cumbersome Flag achievements. Well, only after my disc wouldn't read and subsequent installation of it onto my 360 HD didn't work, thus forcing me to buy a used copy without a proper game box and manual -- I already have those.

I'm still a big fan of the first game, but after playing the previous mentioned sequels, it's hard not wish for some of the gameplay mechanics of them. My first fight with multiple foes at the Siege of Mysaf, I was trying so hard to pull of that move -- which the proper name escapes me -- in which you can kill other enemies with one strike after killing an enemy.

There is one difference that I actually prefer in this one, the freedom of being on the rooftops and not have to deal with archers, lol. Well, this is only in Damascus's poor district so far. I'm still early in the game. The fact that I can run around and not have to worry about them and if I do find them, I can kill them without repercussions like notoriety. I don't mind that aspect in ACII and AC:B, especially after getting certain capes, it's just nice to be able to free-run without being stopped.

Besides the flags, the only other achievement I need is the one with Lucy and exhausting your dialogue options. That one is no problem. Another thing that I'm glad has changed for the better is the continued diversity of side missions. It's very tedious to have to eavesdrop, pickpocket, etc., over and over again in the first game. One thing that will never get old is climbing up viewpoints, synchronizing, and then taking that leap of faith.

Now I'm off to print flag maps off the Internet and painstakingly find each one. Really glad there are in-game maps for these now...

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