Altair dodged the swing from one of the ten Templar Knights surrounding him and swung the pommel of his short blade at the back of the mans helmet it resounded with a loud BONG as the knight staggered away and fell over cursing loudly, the next knight was less armored then the first and so was faster he swung his short sword towards Altair who brought his blade up in time to block the overhead strike he then kicked the man in the stomach sending him sprawling to the ground a few feet away Altair quickly cartwheeled over the Templar laying on the ground stabbing him in the neck with a throwing knife as he went coming out of the cartwheel he swiftly threw the blood stained knife at the Templar who had just climbed up from the ground the blade embedded itself deeply the heavily armored knight toppled over hitting the ground with a dull thud ~Two down eight to go~ thought Altair absent mindedly.

Barely dodging a heavy swing coming from his right side he quickly jumped back to give himself time to slide his short blade back into the sheath on his back before drawing his long curved sword

"Ymwt al-Klb!" one of the Knights yelled at him throwing his arms in the air as he did so ~Idiot~ thought Altair as he pounded towards the man closing the distance between them quickly he plunged his sword into the Templars leg before bringing his knee up into his helmeted face sending the man flying backwards four feet landing heavily Altair finished him off with a throwing knife before turning to face the seven knights who remained "Don’t just stand there get him!" yelled one of most heavily armored knights, a knight grabbed the front of Altairs tunic with the intent of throwing him but Altair grabbed the mans arms twisted it behind his back and popped out his hidden blade it stabbed into the mans arm and into his back he fell forwards slowly, dead a more experienced soldier came towards him next they circled each other waiting to see who would strike first eventually the knight swung Altair stepped inside the below stabbing the knight in the chest before spinning away pulling his sword out as he did so in one swift motion he let go of the sword and it spun through the air from the momentum of spin it struck a kinight through the chest the Templar struck the ground quietly despite all the armor he was wearing, Altair took advantage of the confusion of the Templars to grab his sword from the body and slide it back into its sheath he took out two throwing knives and threw them at the eyeslits of two of the four remaining knights both blades hit their mark both soldiers fell backwards, "How'd he do that?" asked one of the two remainders "I dunno but lets not let him do it again" replied the other nervously at that they both charged from left and right swords in a stabbing position at the last second Altair jumped back wards letting the two men impale each other, "Enough! It is time we end this assassin" barked Robert de'Sable

"Come then and finish it we will" came the quick reply

Robert put his helm on and drew his large sword before stepping towards Altair

"Draw your blade assassin! Or have you finally accepted your fate?"

Altair drew his golden hilted sword silently from its sheath and prepared to fight, Altair attacked first swinging hard right to left the two blades connected and the two men pushed on the swords both trying to overpower the other "Give it up assassin you have no chance against me" as a reply Altair spat at his helmet "Ergh!" Robert stumbled back some of the spit in his eyes Altair slashed at the temporarily blinded Templar the blade cut into his shoulder drawing first blood

"You filthy cheat fight like a man!" he shouted outraged

"I fight to win not for honor that is why i'm still alive"

"You will die assassin dog just like everyone else at your mountain fortress!"

The man swung down at Altair with an overhead blow intending to cleave him head to waist, Altair barely blocked the blow and Robert kicked Altair in the stomach sending him sprawling to the ground and his sword flying next he brought his gray sword arcing down towards his head Altair swiftly rolled left dodging the blow by mere inches he rolled to his feet and drew his short blade going into a defensive stance feet apart ready to dodge "You are skilled assassin tell me your name it won’t matter soon as you will be dead and it will give you a name when I tell the story of how I slew the great assassin to my children!"

"You will know my name when one of us lays dying then and only then Templar" Altair replied in his cold calm tone

"So be it I will have your name shortly then" and saying that he lunged forward hoping the assassin to be distracted, Altair sidestepped the stab smoothly and slashed with his blade cutting a rent in his cape along the shoulder Robert spun around swinging his sword at Altairs head he ducked the blow and stabbed his short blade into the Grand Master of the Templars foot "Argh! Fool assassin now you have no weapons left" he spat out as he pulled out the blade and tossed it behind him it landed on a large ledge ten feet up the face of the small cliff blocked by the large limping figure of Robert de'Sable "I have won assassin, prepare to die!" he hissed as he swung his huge gray sword the world seemed to go into slow motion Altair as dodged under the swing and ended up behind the Templar he spread his left hand and jabbed it forwards the hidden blade punctured through his thick cape and armor and stabbed into the knights back he fell forwards his helmet rolled off and came to a stop at Richard the Lionhearts feet

"Assassin!" the dying Templar gasped out


"What is...your name?"

"Altair Ibn La-Ahad" he replied calmly before kneeling down and closing the mans eyes

So that was my awesome little second Fanfic, enough paragraphs for you War Clown? and Theif :P

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