• Aetiun: an 18 year old rank Five Assassin, just high enough to be an Apprentice, he is yet to be chosen though.
    • Weapons: Two Short Blades in a Cross (X) sheath on his back, Longsword sheathed on his left side even though he’s ambidextrous, it has a long straight silver blade (like Altair’s) and the crossguard is like that of a Sai dagger (Later on he gains a different sword) One Hidden blade on his right arm, ten throwing knives, five on the sheaths on his back and five on his belt (he gets more later).
    • Skills and Abilities: He wields his Short Blades back hand. He’s a skilled fist fighter. He’s very skilled at acrobatics and can, unlike practically everyone else… swim.
  • Tyvant: A Novice who is near to getting his first sword and is twelve years old.
  • Jevain: An 18 year old Assassin Apprentice, preferring strong attacks and backhand wielding with his Short blade.
  • Nivian: A 17 year old Apprentice who prefers fast but light attacks with his Short blade and doesn’t mind Aetiun.
  • Bevon: An annoying 16 year old Apprentice who doesn’t like Aetiun and always tries to annoy him.

Chapter One: Beginning of a journey

Year: 1201

Aetiun awoke to the sound of bells ringing out from atop Masyaf’s tallest tower, he quickly rolled out of bed and pulled on his gray robes gathering his sword and strapping it on, he prepared himself for a long day of boring guard duty on Masyaf’s fortress walls, he had gotten himself into that position when he tripped a novice into a Master Assassin which got them both on wall duty, for that Aetiun felt a little better but that soon disappeared when he got outside, it was boiling hot and wall duty would not be fun, he was distracted from his thoughts when he heard the yell of the Taskmaster “Hurry up Aetiun while we’re young!” this elicited a few badly concealed laughs from the other Apprentices who were already lined up ready for wall duty, he lined up with them and with that the Taskmaster sent them off to fulfil their dull duties. Aetiun trudged up and down the wall, determined to do his job well, he was relieved when he got to do one of the tower shifts instead of the open wall, he concealed it from the other Apprentice who he was switching with because he knew in an hour he would have to switch with a different Apprentice and he would be back on wall duty with most of the other young low ranked Assassins, he started climbing the ladder ‘I wonder why its called the Tower of Trials’ he thought to himself whilst climbing he had nearly reached the top of the ladder he started and nearly fell off the second to last rung on the ladder because he heard a voice next to his head “Aaahh little Aetiun so you finally got yourself put on wall duty and why would that be?” he looked up to see an older Assassin guard looking down at him “Well at least I’m not up here nearly the whole day three days a week.” he retorted, the guard made a grumbling noise and didn’t say any more, Aetiun finished climbing the ladder and went to one of the platforms that stuck out from atop the tower, the birds scattered when he sat down on the platform, peering over the edge cautiously ‘Wow, that’s high.’ he thought to himself, he looked a bit harder and saw huge stacks of hay below “What are they for?” he asked the nearest guard whilst pointing down “This tower is where the high ranking Assassins jump from to become Masters.” The guard replied ‘Hmmm, well that clears that up.’ Aetiun thought, he looked right and saw the narrow path that lead up to the Fortress a messenger was running up it, full speed trying not to run into anyone, which he failed at and tripped, he staggered, trying to keep his balance and whacked into someone else falling over, the messenger hurriedly got up quickly muttering and ran through the gateway, Aetiun was curious but couldn’t see anymore, so he took his sword out of its scabbard and started cleaning the blade slowly like he had been taught to do, after he finished cleaning the blade he moved onto the hilt and crossguard once they were clean he went to put the sword away when in the reflection on the blade he saw a eagle swooping by, he looked up fascinated by how it worked its way through the air he watched it until it dived down into the ravine filled with water, “Probably caught himself a nice fish.” he muttered to himself before sheathing his sword and standing up, it was nearly time to change shifts he looked out into the ravine one last time when something resting on the sandbank beside it caught his eye, he peered harder trying to see what it was, ‘it reflects sunlight so it must be metal or something.’ he thought to himself, walking towards the ladder he swung himself down and descended slowly, in no hurry to be out on the walls again, ‘I know, I’ll ask to be put on water duty later, then I might get to see what the object was.’ he thought as he let go of the ladder and dropped the last two feet to the ground, he turned around and walked towards the doorway, just then the Novice who would be on the tower shift burst through the doorway nearly bumping into Aetiun, “Whoops sorry!” the boy, around ten, said out of breath, Aetiun stood for a minute letting the boy catch his breath, “Your Tyvant right?” Aetiun said “Yes that’s me, anyway I was sent to tell you by the older boys that another group of Apprentices have been chosen for wall duty, they knocked someone onto the Master Assassin table at breakfast and Miridis wasn’t happy with them and sent them for wall duty.” the boy said grinning slightly, “That’s good, no more blistering heat.” Aetiun stated heading slowly for the door “Well that’s not really true.” Tyvant said slowly and hesitantly “Hmmm… wait, what?” Aetiun demanded “Well as you missed training because of wall duty you have to train when you get back.” replied Tyvant quickly, Aetiun sighed “Oh well, I’ll have to go to the bath house after training then.” he said “The shadows mostly over the training ring though.” the boy said “Ah well, that’s good anyway we best be going, don’t want to have to wait for training.” Aetiun replied lightly pushing the boy forwards by the shoulder, soon they reached the courtyard where training took place, Aetiun walked up to the edge of the ring where the other Assassins were waiting to be taught, he looked into the ring to see who was practising, it was two Apprentices, Jevain and Nivian, they were fighting with short blades.

Jevain was fighting backhand and Nivian was fighting forehand, Nivian swung first, bringing his blade down in an arc, Jevain brought his blade up above his head to deflect the blow, the blades connected sending out a loud clang, Jevain aimed a kick at Nivian’s stomach Nivian twisted, narrowly avoiding the Jevain’s kick, but Jevain had left an easy opening with the kick, Nivian exploited it, he swung his blade right to left, the blade cut into Jevain’s tunic nearly cutting into the skin, Jevain jumped back in surprise and Nivian came forwards stabbing fast Jevain used his strength to his advantage, knocking the blow away leaving Nivian wide open, Jevain swung his fist into Nivian’s side which caused the younger Assassin to stagger sideways, Jevain swung his leg into the side of Nivian’s shin, trying to trip his opponent up but Nivian seemed to be expecting this as he let his leg swing with it causing, Jevain to swing too far spinning himself around, Nivian saw the opportunity and swung hard enough to cut but not enough to badly wound, the blade swung towards Jevan’s side but missed by an inch because he was off balance, Jevain reached down and grabbed Nivian’s arm and pulled him forwards causing Nivian to fall on his face, Jevain crouched down with his blade laying on the back of the younger Assassins neck, “Dead.” he pronounced standing back up, they both walked out of the ring and another Apprentice walked in “Aetiun you and Bevon!” yelled the Combat Master, Aetiun swung himself over the side of the ring and pulled his sword from it’s scabbard holding it in front of him Bevon did the same, Aetiun carefully watched his opponent he saw Bevon’s eyes flick left he prepared himself to block a blow from the left, swinging unexpectedly fast, Bevon brought his sword round in a swift movement which would have cut into Aetiun’s side had Aetiun not nimbly ducked, Aetiun kicked Bevon as he spun causing Bevon to trip sideway, nearly falling over the rail that ran around the edge of the ring, he pushed himself off the rail, Aetiun saw his chance and swung down hard, Bevon brought his blade up to block which he barely managed, Aetiun saw the blow nearly broke through Bevon’s defence he kicked Bevon below the belt, Bevon bent over and Aetiun brought his pommel down on Bevon’s head, hard enough to knock him to the ground. “Dead.” he pronounced.

“Nicely done Aetiun, smooth and quick.” called out the Combat Master, Bevon pushed himself up off the ground grumbling and rubbing the back of his head “Go get some ice Bevon.” said Aetiun quietly helping Bevon to his feet, the younger Apprentice took the help but shrugged Aetiun off once he had gotten to his feet, and stormed off.

Aetiun swung himself out of the ring and headed for the castle once inside he headed for the path that led down into the ravine, it was a steep and winding path with lots of sharp corners, he nearly bumped into a few servants getting water on the way down but managed to flatten himself against the wall in time to not trip them over and cause a mess, eventually he reached the bottom of the path barred by a metal reinforced gate, he took the key from the wall hanger and opened the gate, he walked down the sandbar on the other side of the door to the waters edge and spotted the object he had seen from the tower earlier, it was on the other side of the deep fast moving water on a large sandbank, under the shade of the cliff on that side it was obscured by a rock but it seemed box shaped, he grabbed a branch laying nearby and tested the depth of the water down, it was deep, not to mention cold, “Hmm about waist height.” he said to himself, he took a last look at the gate behind him before turning around and wading into the cold water, the water chilled him to the bone, down in the ravine the water got no sunlight so it remained freezing. It seemed ages before he got to a sandbank in the middle of the river to rest, he sat looking at the object, curiously wondering what it was he stood up and once again stepped into the water he nearly tripped twice, but managed to keep his balance, he knew if he tripped it would be his last move because about a hundred feet down the river there was rapids and after that a fifty foot waterfall with flat hard rocks at the bottom, he finally reached the other side and carefully looked around the rock, he dodged back narrowly avoiding the sword that swung past his head, he drew his sword and quickly stepped around the rock to see a Templar Knight, his armor torn, a deep gash down his side and dried blood on his tunic, Aetiun recoiled in shock but then forced his fear down, he had to stay calm if he was fighting a Templar Knight, if he didn’t the Templar would defeat him easily, but if he stayed calm he had a fair chance with the Templar being injured, Aetiun watched the Templar, carefully waiting for him to swing but the Templar looked determined not to swing first “Take a swing if you think you can beat me boy!” the Templar taunted, Aetiun swung at the insult angered by the knights words, the Templar must have been expecting this though as he easily sidestepped and kicked Aetiun viciously in the back of the leg, he fell to the ground and the Templar brought his sword down Aetiun managed to roll sideways to dodge the blow and kicked at the mans shin “Ugh, you little pest!” exclaimed the Templar recoiling in pain Aetiun quickly jumped to his feet readying his sword to block the knights next blow the man swung hard, left to right, Aetiun ducked under the mans arm and swung at the back of the his legs, the blow landed hard knocking off one of the armoured plates that rested on the back of each boot, the Templar nearly tripped, grunting with the force of the blow to the back of his leg, Aetiun quickly sprung away as the angry Knight spun around swinging his sword wildly “Hah not so big and mighty now are we.” Aetiun taunted, knowing that the Templar would most likely lunge wildly, he was right. The Templar stabbed forwards, Aetiun dodged left, grabbed the Knights arm and threw him over his shoulder into the rock that the Templar had been hiding behind, his head connected making a loud BONG! Aetiun quickly brought his sword down ensuing a fast and painless end for the Knight he walked over the knight picking up his sword and taking his helmet, “Ah, so this must have been what the glinting was.” he said holding up the helmet in the light, he searched the Templar’s pack finding a few coins a knife or two and a bit of bread he took the coins and the knives and saw a vellum wrapped letter hidden beneath the knives, pulling it out he examined the seal, “This looks important, I should bring this to the Master.” He muttered to himself whilst stowing the knives, coins and letter in his bag, he took the bread and chewed on it before crossing the fast moving water, careful to keep the bag containing the letter above his head, he made it to the door and was glad he hadn’t shut it behind him. He closed it and locked it behind him, he started walking up the passage way dripping as he went, when he reached the top he was mostly dry, he wrung his hood out before leaving the passage and went to the main area of the Castle, he told the guard that he needed to see the Master and was sent up the stairs, walking carefully so he didn’t bump into any of the numerous Assassin Scholars pouring over their books combing them for any knowledge that might have been missed or forgotten he reached the Masters desk, the Master was discussing something with the one-armed rafiq, a rafiq was a well respected person, who handed out missions to assassins, he was known as Malik, he listened, knowing he shouldn’t,but all he pieced together was that the Master wanted Malik to go, back to Jerusalem, when they had finished the one- armed man walked away and down the stairs, the Master turned to Aetiun “Yes?” the Master asked Aetiun bowed his head quickly before replying “Master, I found this.” he handed the vellum wrapped letter to the Master, “Where did you get this?” the Master as

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