Ubisoft have released a video showing off the Uplay rewards, said rewards include:

  • "Assassin's Creed 3 Theme" for 10 U or Uplay points.

  • "The Life Scratcher Pack" for 20 U or Uplay points. The pack increases the capacity of Connor's "tool pouches" i.e pistol ammo and various other things stored in pouches (Rope Darts?) it will also unlock exclusive multiplayer profile items.

  • "Ezio's Outfit" can be bought from Uplay for 30 U. Probably the most looked forward to so far, the outfit is that of Ezio in Brotherhood. Anyone else think his face is a bit weird in the outfit?

  • "The Renegade Pack" for 40 U. This pack will unlock the Renegade costume for the Night Stalker along with a few additional profile items.

That is all, for anyone wanting to watch the video it can be found here


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