I really liked the look of the new enemy types that were shown in the French magazine scans. The musket- and bayonet- wielding soldiers we knew about already, but it was nice to see the other two types of soldiers they brought in to fill the other enemy roles. The sword-wielding high-ranking officers were a good choice to fill the role of the more intelligent seeker enemy type. I was rather curious to see what they would do to fill in the role of the big brute archetype considering soldiers of the 18th century didn't wear heavy armor and wield heavy weapons, which were the main trademarks of the brute archetype in the previous games. Ubisoft's answer: 18th century style sappers, complete with the beards and aprons that characterized military sappers of the time, and brandishing big ol' axes used to chop down enemy fortifications. This also means that we'll most likely get the chance to once again wield two-handed axes (although I seriously doubt Connor will be able to carry them like Ezio could). I wonder if Ubi will also bring back the ability to throw them as well.

All that said, I wonder who will fill in the role of the agiles. If I were to guess, I'd say possibly British-allied Native Americans of other tribes might fill the role. They could be armed with knives and tomahawks like Connor, and could feasibly chase him atop the trees, something I can't imagine British officers doing. Lspec 04:33, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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