Hey guys! Gameinformer just revealed on their web site that Shaun and Rebecca will appear in Revelations, according to an interview with the new script writer, Darby McDevitt. The interview also confirms that they are they ones who put Desmond back in the Animus. Additionally, more info to be revealed in the game will be:

- Desmond's mental situation. “That was the shock (of stabbing Lucy) that shattered him. But it was a long time coming,” says McDevitt. “Just like what happened with Subject 16 and subjects beforehand, prolonged exposure to the Animus and reliving these fragmented memories really does a number on your head. You begin to develop something like multiple personality disorder, and you slowly go crazy. Putting Desmond back in the Animus is basically letting the Animus handle that partition.”

- The meaning of "The sixth" Juno mentions.

- The role of the First Civilizaton's sixth sense. “Juno explicitly says that they have six senses, not five. That plays a role in our game and how we get to access Altair’s memories.” reveals McDevitt.

- More charecter development. “It won’t go into huge details about the present-day Assassin/Templar conflict; you won’t see any modern-day swordfights. The character development opportunities are huge, though,” McDevitt says. “Because he’s alone in the Animus, we have an opportunity to pause. There’s still a bit of forward momentum in our present-day story, but we get to push the pause button more often and really build his backstory.”

- Desmond's background, and how it ties into the storyline. “That’s a lot of what’s going to be revealed in this story,” McDevitt explains. “The first conversation Desmond has in the AC series is where Vidic basically says, ‘We know what you are. You’re an assassin.’ Desmond says he isn’t anymore, and that’s a tease. Yes, Desmond was a part of this, and at some point he escaped, and he’s been bartending. You see what he grew up in and what eventually led to him sitting in an Animus and captured by Templars. We definitely find out more about his relationship with his father and mother through his time in the Animus. Because of the coma, it’s offering a very different opportunity to tell a very different kind of story. Our goal is to leave you with more answers than questions.”

Hope you enjoy the new info!

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