so, with all the new speculations on where the next Ac migth take place, I caugth myself thinking about the colonial period of brazil. I mean it has a lot of proeminent figures, like big farmers, some protesters and artists. Even the portuguese royal family moved there in 1808 to escape from napoleon. I mean it's a very rich story, and even a producer from ubisoft said it would be a good setting. here is the link, but I only found in portuguese.

EDIT: after a long pause, and the release of ac3 closer, i think it's time to resume this post. brazil in the early 1800's, after the royal family moved there became a very rich colony, and the cities, mos notably rio de janeiro, salvador, and other ones at the northwest became very european-like. the nobility was very strong, with big farmers and the royal family. the tropical forest there was still preserved, giving space fo the tree climbing, and the slavery a\nd native americans provided a very rich divesity. well in my opinion, the setting would make a great game, specially at ubi's hands

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