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  • Lbw505

    when walking around Colonial America in Assassins Creed 3, I look at all the British Flags flapping in the wind, I realised that they are historically incorrect since they have the Cross of St Patrick decorated with the English and Scottish flags that make the Union Flag, Ireland did not join the British till 1801 so I dont get why the Irish flag is apart of the Union Flag in colonial America.....did anyone else notice this?

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  • Lbw505


    April 8, 2012 by Lbw505

    Today my fine friends is Easter, a time where little kids enjoy Easter egg hunts and believing in the Easter bunny.The real reason as we all know, is the death of Jesus Christ who laid down his life to save who he loved (all of us). This shows us that we should work hard on this wiki as Jesus worked hard on opening our eyes to God.

    peace be with you all

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  • Lbw505


    February 18, 2012 by Lbw505

    Ok this is my first blog post, please comment about it.

    Anyways Ive done some snooping around and I managed to salvage this piece of info.

    In an interview, Assassins creed Revelations creative director Alexandre Amancio confirmed that AC3 will be about another character, it will still be focusing on Desmonds ancestors but it will be set in a different time period and a different person.

    I also managed to scoop out that AC3 may be set in the American Revolution and it also has something to do with the Decleration of Independance.

    I will report back if I find anything else.

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