Right-oh. This is half replies to comments that were on the blog post of AC4 Ideas, and half about some other stuff.

Anyways, first things first where was I!?

  1. Lost my Internet - Got internet back
  2. Computer died - Got brand new gaming comp :D
  3. Started College (My first quarter ends in like 1-2 weeks!!!!)

Alright now onto the replies to comments. Sorry this will be several months worth. For references, I'll just say username and the date of their post for my reply ;)

Master Sima Yi: March 22 - True their have been countless civil wars over the globe in it's long history. Of course most of those have cooler names, like "The Anarchy" or "Thirty Years War" or "Thousand Days War". Honestly though the name "Civil War" is usually a synonym for whatever Civil War happened in your own country ie: English Civil War is just called "Civil War" by the English because well.. their English (don't hold it against them! :p)

AWC: March 22 - Well thanks! I just took a look at the wiki about it and it looks like I named about 4/5ths of the names they mentioned as being included, booya.It also appears like he has a cutlass-esque sword and a couple of flintlocks on his chest. Score for me! :D

AWC: March 9 - Because I was using the assumption of Assassins Creed IV and so far a female main assassin has not been present for any of their main series games.

AWC: Feb 24 - I would say using Nikoai Orelov would not be plausible. They've already discussed his actions and such so it would just be rehashing old material but in view.

AWC: Feb 14/15 - I dunno, that first civ time period is kind of a no touchy area. Showing flashbacks and the like is fine but living through it and having to play a game from that way would seem dull. Plus the 'Assassins' and 'Templar' did not exist during that period.

AWC: Feb 14 - Jack the Ripper as an assassin? He was killing prostitutes, those are generally assassin allies.. I mean Courtesans!!!!

AWC: Jan 23 - Rome I am not so sure they'd go for again, simply because they based several games in Italy already. However with saying that, Roman era in one of the provinces maybe?

AWC: Jan 20 - Thanks for including Jesse James as an ally to the assassins, I'm related to him :D  Okay sorry if I didn't reply to your post, but that covers all the ones that I was wanting to reply to atm. In 1-2 weeks I'll be done with finals so I may start looking up some new topics. Although I'll be posting that under a brand new blog with the name "Plausible Assassin Creed Settings" or something. Maybe make an acronym of it...

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