• LancelotLoire

    Random Rants

    July 10, 2013 by LancelotLoire

    Because I love the splitting up of topics from my popular AC4 setting blog, I'll be repeating the same format again for this to split up my thoughts and ideas. This blog will be about fairly random things, such as game ideas to reviews to rants about certain games. Even possible multiple things.

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  • LancelotLoire

    Right-oh. This is half replies to comments that were on the blog post of AC4 Ideas, and half about some other stuff.

    Anyways, first things first where was I!?

    1. Lost my Internet - Got internet back
    2. Computer died - Got brand new gaming comp :D
    3. Started College (My first quarter ends in like 1-2 weeks!!!!)

    Alright now onto the replies to comments. Sorry this will be several months worth. For references, I'll just say username and the date of their post for my reply ;)

    Master Sima Yi: March 22 - True their have been countless civil wars over the globe in it's long history. Of course most of those have cooler names, like "The Anarchy" or "Thirty Years War" or "Thousand Days War". Honestly though the name "Civil War" is usually a synonym for whatever Ci…

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  • LancelotLoire

    Assassin Creed 4 Idea

    November 10, 2012 by LancelotLoire

    To make this blog easier to read so that I can also add in new time frames whenever I can think of something I've set it up with tabs. Just click the period name to view the details I've included if you would like to hear my ideas :)

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