Hi Everybody,

Have you ever wondered what Desmond will look like when he becomes the ultimate assassin? Well I just thought I would share this beautiful art by Andrew Hunt, a very talented and upcoming artist based in California.

Currently he is a freelance artist with he has a wide range when it comes to artistic variety and he has evencaptured the attention of the powers that be at Ubisoft, though this artwork is not official (Yet!). Anyways, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you his latest creation and it looks awesome. I only hope that Ubisoft have the official artwork looking this good.

As Assassin's Creed fans, I think we all would be more than happy if Desmond was this badass.

Artwork by Andrew Hunt

For more information visit Andrew’s Official blog as there is likely to be more awesome AC art in the coming weeks and remember to offer your support as well on Facebook! :) Also, let me know what you think in the comments.

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