Okay I am going to keep this brief because it is only the beginning of an idea but an interesting one (in my opinion. We all know how important the number 72 is in AC:B and the fact that the pyramid (Tetractys) appears both in the Sanctuary and in Juno's Temple. Also a few of you may have even noticed that when Ezio activates the Papal Staff in the Vault, it's rays form the outline of a pyramid on the Vault door. (I won't go into detail about the Project Legacy connection between the Tetractys and Divine Science in this blog) Now this got me thinking, what if these two factors could somehow combine.... well they can. If one was to use "Gematria" on the number 72, it would break down into the letters: IEVE (But in a Two-Tier Pyramid form) See my very crude image below.

Tetractys Blog
(I won't go into the math because it is complicated and the online gematria calculators do not take account of the two-tier system for numerical value and mostly break it down in different languages that are not helpful)

Anyways, I would be interested in hearing what you guys think and maybe you see a connection (or not) from Project Legacy Divine Science angle that I don't or maybe you will defunct the idea completely. Kaloneous 03:56, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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