• KairaKenway

    That line up there, is imprinted in my head since the day I found out about this extraordinary game.

    It has a deep meaning that only true Assassins would understand. Truly.

    I can go a whole day talking about Assassin's Creed. People sometimes call me crazy and obssesive, but it didn't matter, because it's worth it. In most cases, people say that games are useless and just a mere waste of our times, but I strongly deny that! Games can teach us a few cheeky tricks if intended.

    But I'm here to talk about Assassin's Creed and what made me intrigued. In this game, it's not just about the cool parkour or the slick weapons they lets us use, it's about the storyline. The settings, the characters and their background. They all aligned perfectly and be…

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