Well, last week was...interesting. It seems you guys really need your fix of polls. Which is good news, because this week's polls come a day early! (Unless if I accidentally release a hoard of velociraptors again...)


This Week's Polls

My Poll

Which easter egg would you most like to see in AC4:BF?

The poll was created at 15:38 on August 1, 2013, and so far 54 people voted.

Alty's Poll

Which is your favourite mechanism from the AC series?

The poll was created at 15:38 on August 1, 2013, and so far 53 people voted.

Question of the Week=

How much complete is your most complete Assassin's Creed game? And your least?

Caption Contest=

So yeah, you can have Crimson to thank for me doing this. It'll be less of a contest per se, and more of just something else fun to do, although I may highlight favourites in future polls. Also, please tell me if you want storyboards (or multiple images in an order) to 'narrate', and/or themes for the captions.

Anyway, your image to caption for this week is this:

ACIII-Conflictlooms 1

Have fun, and caption away!

Parting Message=

  1. Just a heads up for the future, I will be away in Wales next week, and in Iceland for the last week of August, so I will not be able to do the polls on the 9th nor on the 30th. If anyone wants to fill in, just tell me here. I guess the first person to volunteer for each poll date gets to to the polls.
  2. Finally, it would be great if you could visit this place to help the polls move along.

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