The official Assassin's Creed Twitter account has posted 3 mysterious tweets today related to AC3.

Tweet 1 reads: _-_-_ He is gone. #16 is no more. And now they begin. To search for 1 more _-_-_

Tweet 2 reads: _-_-_ THEY are responsible. Abstergo's to blame. They play with our lives. Like it's only a game_-_-_

Tweet 3 reads: _-_-_ They search for the "prophet" They're grasping at straws. Their ill-conceived plans, are riddled with flaws_-_-_

I was just wondering what they meant by these 3 tweets. I think the first one is to do with the fact that Clay Kaczmarek supposedly dies today, meaning Abstergo is going to have to search for Desmond, and the 2nd tweet seems to be the usual 'Abstergo and the Templars control the world' stuff. But I have no idea what the 3rd tweet means. Tell me what you think below.

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