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  • Kabutsu

    Well guys, this is it. My final Polls. It's been a good run, although not without hiccups (*cough*time-travelling velociraptors*cough*), but hopefully with some laughs and good times too.

    As I said several weeks ago, I have been planning to end now for some time. Why now? Why at all? Well, now because I will be away next week, and can't be bothered for my penultimate Polls to be a fill-in. Plus, in two weeks, it'll be Christmas, New Year, et al, and I simply don't think I could find the motivation to do this. Which leads me onto my other question: why at all? Well, because it's gotten too much. Since I started A-Levels, with their extra work, I've found myself coming on the Wiki less and less, and, as Crimson put it in the final original Poll…

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  • Kabutsu

    The Crimson Polls II: 31

    December 6, 2013 by Kabutsu

    Hey guys, and welcome to my penultimate Polls! As I've said before, next week I'll be finishing with the Polls. This means, due to the three-week cycle of Caption Contests, there can't be any new pictures to caption this week :( Ah well, I've got a surprise lined up for next week with the Caption Contest!

    Anyway, let's move onto the Polls!

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  • Kabutsu

    The Crimson Polls II: 30

    November 29, 2013 by Kabutsu

    Bonjour once again to the Polls. As I said last week, I am considering stopping doing the Polls on Friday the 13th December, which means that this Polls will have the last Polls Caption Contest...for a while, perhaps. Whilst I will be stopping on the 13th, unless anyone else wants to take up the Polls, I may consider simply taking a break (4 weeks, perhaps?). I just need a break from doing the Polls every Friday. Crimson, I applaud you for getting to 50!

    Anyway, let's move onto the Polls!

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  • Kabutsu

    The Crimson Polls II: 29

    November 22, 2013 by Kabutsu

    Hey guys, and welcome to another edition of the Crimson Polls II. Now before I move onto the Polls, I just want to tell you guys something: I'm tired. I'm tired of doing these polls, week in, week out. Obviously this isn't the fault of the Wiki or anyone on it; rather, it's just that the polls are getting repetitive, and with A-Level work piling up, it's getting harder to find the time (yes, especially with the caption contests, these things take a while) to make these. So, I've decided that, unless no-one wants to pick up the polls, I'll be making my last one on Friday 13th December. If no-one wants to take up the polls after me, I'll probably take a short break of 1 or 2 weeks (I'm going on a one-week holiday on the 15th anyway), before c…

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  • Kabutsu

    The Crimson Polls II: 28

    November 15, 2013 by Kabutsu

    Generic introductory statement, followed by smooth segue onto polls.

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