One of my favourite moments in Assassin's Creed 2 was when I was searching for three masquerading targets in Venice. Randomly, my game began to spawn guards endlessly upon a roof.

Several fell off the roof into the water below because there simply was not enough room up there for them.

They would make comments such as, "It's getting a bit crowded up here."

To stop them from continually throwing my game into guard alert (where the screen shudders and goes sepia) I threw a smoke bomb down to distract them. After throwing the smoke bomb down to distract the multitude of spawning guards, I poisoned a guard and then moved to the rooftop above them to watch the chaos.

The poisoned guard flailed with his weapon, killing off several of his selves and forcing others off the edge of the roof and into the river waiting below.

Instead of trying to kill them all like I had started, I just walked away as they said things like, "The bodies are starting to pile up around here!".

Smoke Bombed Glitch AC2 by retrieved fiend

A game glitch in my AC2 game.

Game Glitch by retrieved fiend

The effect of poisoning a guard in my glitchy game

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