• Johann Morgenstern


    April 1, 2016 by Johann Morgenstern

    "Those violet eyes haunt me. He is not of our kind, the abomination. He came from beyond stars as we did eons ago. I spit at his name; betrayer, murderer, cutthroat, thief, liar. I hate him more than you. All of you cannot contain the same hatred I bear him. He seeks us out even today, even after he eradicated us so long ago. A revenge against our revenge. He helped your kind and doomed mine, giving you the fire of our greatness: what you call the Apple. He gave the protoforms freedom and doomed us. He laughed over the corpse of my people. I have seen the cost of freedom. It destroys all in its wake. My beloved locked him in his vault in which he drew the sun down upon the world as he nearly did so shortly ago to eradicate us. It was nothi…

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