As I browse the web for news and media about the upcoming Assassin's Creed installment, I can't help but notice (and be barraged with) all of the negative responses to the pirte motif of the game. I suppose I can understand the die-hard fanboy's wariness with the decision, but honestly, I find the overly-romanticized era of the swashbucklers to be the perfect direction for the philosophical, historical and mythological game franchise to go.

File:482838 540956002616504 1823021613 n.jpg

However, for all the negative feedback, it is enlightening to note that there is an equal, if not greater positive response to Captain Kenway. I have to agree with the latter group and join in the excitement as we anxiously countdown to the launch. My biggest concern is whether to buy the current gen version, or wait for the next gen release or buy both and receive my fix in double-dose mayhem.

So grab your accoutrements, swab your boots and sharpen your cutlass for a riptide of dastardly fun! Keep to the code, both privateer and assassin, and as always, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" (Sounds like a good deal for a rule-breaking scallywag!)

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