Am I the only one who is severely pissed off at the stores who released the game early? I mean, COME ON. It's only 4-5 days left until the game officially releases depending on where you live, and these idiot retailers didn't think, "OH hey, releasing the game to consumers a full business week ahead of time is not only, unfair, it's illegal."

It just grinds me to the bone to think that there are going to be tons of Anons who will come on here and post major plotline spoilers, not to mention the YT users who are already posting full Walkthroughs, like FusionCap. I have been (im)patiently waiting for this game since they announced, had the Limited Edition paid off as soon as Ubi confirmed it, and I have three of the AC3 shirts and the Developer Hoodie; all of this merchandise EXCEPT the game, which is what I really want. What I need.

And these stores just went ahead and opened their doors a week ahead. Like, do the people who got it early deserve it? No more so than the rest of us who are waiting until the official release date.

I don't know, I just felt like ranting. That just royally pisses me off.

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