Ok, I am new(ish) here, I still dont know how to make "forums" here, um, but to save time here, this is where I shall ask questions I might have. Warning, some may be stupid, may make me look like a retard, so ya.


Is there a way I can get dual Hidden Blades in Revelations

You know, other than the same blade . . . not Hookblade and normal blade . . . Like have Ezio have twin normal Hidden Blades during gameplay.

How does one get UPLay points?

Ok, you know how stuff costs so many UPlay points? How does one earn them in Assassins Creed games?

Does Ezio switch bracers for all his Codex weapons?

Ok, if you read all the novels and such, it says Ezio swtiches his bracers every time he uses a weapon(like the Hidden Gun etc). So in game, does this happen only on super fast pace, or was this just cut out to save time?

The page of the first mission of Assassin's Creed

Can someone give me a link to the first mission of Assassins Creed?

My random funny momments in Revelations

Ok this is where I tell you my funny momments in Revelations

Blamed for a crime I didn't commit

While playing as Ezio walking around Constantitople in Altiar gear, I walked past a dead body of a Musketweilder whom fell off the roof, to which a group of Janissary's walked past and automaticly drew their swords despite me not doign anything.

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