As you might have noticed the Hidden Blade is the most abstract item on this wiki. Despite the volume of information, everything is based on appearance, design, uses and nothing about functionality.

On this blog I will keep you all in touch with my everyday discovery about its mechanism. Some might say its simple. But I'm not looking to uncifre the simple. That is why I have chosen the Renaisscence Blade not the Levantines Blade. The Levantine Blade bases on a ring pulling mechanism while Ezio's Blade has no such ring or anything tide up to the hand and does not require two hands to activate the blade.

So far so good, I've got you through the introduction, now I wish to say that I will work on Da Vinci's blade design a while as I consider it the most fascinating. I will also unveal everything I discover to you, my brothers.

Stay in peace and remember, Nothing is true, Everything is permitted! Jesper Loore 20:28, March 8, 2012 (UTC)

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