I thought I would post this as a blog, as it is a much more convenient method of conversation than posting the same message on six or seven different talk pages. That said, many of you will have received a link to this blog post through a link on your talk page, kind of ironic really, hmmm......

Anyways, on to the point at hand. A little while ago I made some drastic changes to a number of our infoboxes, including the faction and location infobox. This changes brought said infoboxes more inline with the wiki's IU policy, relegating the OOU content to the main article. At the time it was agreed that the same would be done with the much more widely used character infobox, although I never got around to making said changes; now is the time.

I'm hoping that by posting this blog, I will be able to get all your opinions on what should and/or shouldn't be included in the infobox; obvious things such as "place of birth", "affiliations" will, of course, remain, but there are other things that might fit well into the infobox.

So basically, if anyone has a suggestion of what could go into the new and improved infobox, leave it in a comment below; hopefully that way we can come to an agreement between all of us as to what should be included (and then we can all set about changing the articles themselves).

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