What are your thoughts about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag? To be honest, Ubisoft has done it again. Made another spectacular AC game. The game just reminds me SO MUCH of Pirates of the Caribbean except more violent deaths, fantastic ship battles and having to go through a lot of eavesdropping missions which is quite annoying. Anyway, I loved the pirate theme idea and having Haytham's father, Edward Kenway, as the protagonist. Edward is a likable character; being loyal and caring towards his crew and friends and is depicted as a true pirate long before he met the Assassins. My thoughts about the Modern Day setting: Interesting but not as fun as previous MD settings. The characters, story and return of Shaun and Rebecca makes the modern day setting seem OK but the lack of third-person-mode and the ability to use a futuristic iPad is quite saddening. 

Neverless, the game has to be part of the Top 5 Most Wanted Games of 2013 and it deserves a straight 9 for it's beautiful setting and visuals and interesting story. 

Jackalex13 (talk) 12:42, November 21, 2013 (UTC)Jackalex13

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