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  • Jackalex13

    Thoughts about AC4

    November 21, 2013 by Jackalex13

    What are your thoughts about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag? To be honest, Ubisoft has done it again. Made another spectacular AC game. The game just reminds me SO MUCH of Pirates of the Caribbean except more violent deaths, fantastic ship battles and having to go through a lot of eavesdropping missions which is quite annoying. Anyway, I loved the pirate theme idea and having Haytham's father, Edward Kenway, as the protagonist. Edward is a likable character; being loyal and caring towards his crew and friends and is depicted as a true pirate long before he met the Assassins. My thoughts about the Modern Day setting: Interesting but not as fun as previous MD settings. The characters, story and return of Shaun and Rebecca makes the modern d…

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  • Jackalex13

    Title says it all.

    I just can't wrap my head after seeing the most tragic and completely emotional ending of AC3. (spoilers+theory) After Desmond died, he might have a kid from a brief relationship (Des's kid might be around 6 or 7) and his kid would relieve the memories of his ancestors and might find the way to defeat Juno.

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  • Jackalex13

    New mentor

    October 19, 2012 by Jackalex13

    Do you guys think that Desmond has a possible chance to be the new Mentor.

    I thought of it and since his legendary ancestors were mentors (Altair with the Levantine Assassins and Ezio with the Italian Assassins and maybe Connor being with the American Assassins).

    Here is what Desmond has:

    Eagle Vison

    Abilities from his ancestors

    High concetration of "Those Who Came Before Us" DNA

    Born as an assassin

    Comment down if you guys think Desmond would make a great Mentor.

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  • Jackalex13


    Lucy was with the Templars at some time!

    All this entire time, I did not know.

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