Hi guys. This is just one of my opinions I happened to be discussing with my cousin yesterday: what if Shaun Hastings were the next Assassin to play as? That would be great! I mean, in game, he is the only character who is entertaining, he has a great sense of wit, and best of all (in my opinion) he's British! Doesn't anybody want to see how a classic British life is spent? Well now Shaun would be able to show every Assassin out there how a Brit would assassinate someone! Although thinking about it, I would like to to see a Welsh assassin for once. You know how in AC3 one set of characters had an enchanting voice, great brute strength and lots and lots of sheep? (Welsh joke there). Well those characters were the Welsh. Wouldn't you love to see someone assassinated via having a sheep dropped on their head?

All joking aside guys, please feel free to leave your opinions and ideas about the next assassin. My God, I'm talking like I'm one of the more experienced assassins'. I only started yesterday! I'm just such a big fan! But again guys, I reiterate: leave your opinions, and just say whatever is on your mind.

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