• JKeagle96

    Even before it available for pre-sale, Assassin's creed 3 was bound to succeed in the video game market. As soon

    as it hit the market, thousands, no, millions of copies were sold, breaking ubisoft's presale records with a whopping

    33 million pre-sold coppies. How far do you think its going to go?

    That anvil engine which withstands a couple of thousand soldiers per frame could not be the only reason this best

    seller is breaking records. It is the originality, the beauty, and that deep, mysterious nature of Assassin's creed,

    which leaves all players and game-followers begging for more, waiting the upcoming game to learn more about the

    ulternative universe called Assassin's Creed.

    As fanatics, we hope Ubisofts keeps on producing games because it is …

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